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Emmedidue is an engineering company that can provide fixed price solutions and specific consulting in the area of industrial automation and control.

Years of experience in the design in both the analog and digital electronic devices by using innovative technologies of latest generation such as DSP, FPGA, A/D Converters and Microprocessors.

Our design methodology, structured in phases, includes:

  • Feasibility Study

  • HW /  SW

  • Product Cost Analysis

  • RAMS Calculation

  • Prototyping

  • Prototype Validation tests (HW / SW)

  • Generation of the Full Product Documentation


Motor Control
In-depth experience in HW and SW embedded designing which covers the entire spectrum of issues related to motor control.
Knowledge of algorithms of the torque control, speed and position, as well as generation of the position and interpolation profiles for the machine tools control.
Management of all types of sensors used in regulating (resolvers, encoders, hall effect sensor, sinusoidal encoder).
Design of HW and SW systems with High Efficiency and Reliability for the control of electric actuators in accordance with the standards
                                                RTCA/DO-254  -  RTCA/DO-178b  -  RTCA/DO-160

Green Energy

Design phase inverter for photovoltaic systems stand-alone and grid connected
Design of control systems for the solar panels positioning
Design phase inverter for wind power plants

Design of control systems for electric cars
Design of control systems for forklift trucks

Can bus
RS 422/485

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